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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tomb Raider Project

Here are some of the Tomb Raider sites I'm using for my research on Lara Croft. I'll get around to explaining what they all are some day. Watch out some of the links are to pornographic 'fan' art, or 'fictional' pornographic interpretations of the Lara.

Lara Porn (Commercial)
(Watch out for pop-ups)

Lara Porn (Fan Art)

Lara Croft Porn Film (Live Action - as opposed to animated)

Nude Raider Patch Site

Lara Croft Look-a-Like Community (another extensive look-a-like community)

Lara Croft Cos-Play Community

Lara Croft Site Index (Semi-official)

Tomb Raider: Official Website

Developer's Website (Core Design)

Lara 'Fan' Film DV Animation

Fan Communities (Includes details of every outfit and how to make) (Fan Fic and Art) (Fan Fic, Songs, Poetry and Jokes) (Huge Community, with everything imaginable) (Fan Fic, Art and Comics)

If you have any good Tomb Raider or Lara Croft links please send them!!

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Anonymous said...

That's another good site about Tomb Raider.

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