Global gaming networks are heterogenous collectives of localized practices, not unified commercial products. Shifting the analysis of digital games to local specificities that build and perform the global and general, Gaming Rhythms employs ethnographic work conducted in Venezuela and Australia to account for the material experiences of actual game players.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Project

A new research team made up of myself Aravindhan Kinniah, and Michael Dieter have begun the process of writing up the data from a project started in July 2005 on World of Warcraft players in Melbourne Australia.


annie said...

what specifically are you guys researching? and how long before you reckon that would be done? would dearly, dearly love to have a peek at it ^^

Jeremy said...

Hi Thomas, I'm doing a research assignment on interactive entertainment, with a focus on the same game. How fortunate! I'm actually just down the road from you at RMIT, and yes, like Annie, I'm very interested to hear about your progress. Keep us updated!

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