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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Videogames: Issues in Research and Learning

So in December 2005 and March 2006, the Sage Journal Simulation & Gaming published a two part special issue on videogames. Included was my article on Videogames and Genres, which appeared in the March 2006 issue (stoked!). Don't know why I haven't mentioned it until now, been out of blogging mode I guess. Anyhow sheck out their site and hopefully you can find out a way to download it legitimately (or just click the link on the bottom of the sidebar).
The editors describe my research: "Apperley examines the aesthetic components of video games, contrasting market-driven genres that pigeonhole video games into prior media genres versus genres based on visual aesthetic or narrative structure. His conclusions highlight the disassociation of video game play, content, and analysis from previously embedded conventions of market, culture and critique." Could not have put it better myself, I love it how some people can just explain to you what the hell you are doing, its like the whole situated play epiphany I had a few moments ago after I discovered what the rest of the world was calling the kind of research I do.
Bottom line for me is that genre is a useful was to explore the complex interrelation between the narrative, the representational and the ludic. That is not all that I think genre can do for Game Studies... ...but more on that later.
Anyway the article is still in the journals top-ten most downloaded (read) articles, at number nine after six months, it was number one from April-June, before slipping to number five and then 8. It has consistently been the most popular from the symposium issue. Hey I guess someone had to write an article about videogame genres didn't they?

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